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The Great Movie Draft is the ultimate fantasy draft of film. Think fantasy football, but with movies. Each episode we debate films of a certain category and award points on who makes the best arguments for their film and ultimately convinces the judge why their chosen film is superior.




Michael Ramey


Michael or “Mike” is from Wasaga Beach, Ontario Canada. His favorite things to do aside from watch films is play video games, listen to music and writing. Michael’s favourite film of all time is 2000’s Almost Famous. Starting out as a writer in the music industry he began to write for his own online magazine called ‘Lazy Sunday’; receiving the opportunity to interview directors, actors and writers within the film industry.

Chase Crawford


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Jackson Balling


Jackson is a Buffalo, New York native who escaped the bitter cold and now resides in the Durham, North Carolina area. Whenever feature-length storytelling isn’t filling his time, he enjoys discovering new music, playing bass, bouncing between various video games, and occasionally trying to productively write things. His favorite film is a toss-up between In Bruges and most Kevin Smith films, but it varies by the day. Plus, he thinks television is pretty cool too.